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Freedom Prompt in Slack

Freedom Download via Email and Slack

Dina provides individual coaching feedback to all requests and questions inside of Slack (tag her!)

Monthly Freedom Webinar

Freedom Prompt in Slack

Mindset Growth: 
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Slack Access

Please access the Slack group via this link.

Once inside, you can join various channels, based on interest. A quick note:

#freedomlibrary will contain all weekly emails and YouTube downloads. Turn on notifications

#freedomdiscussions will be your hub for questions and coaching. I will offer caoching on Wednesdays and offer two weekly freedom prompts

#freedomresources is your hub to share and request resources

Over time, I will group all members into peergroups to facilitate additional support.

Here is the link to join once more.


Weekly Freedom Downloads

Every Tuesday, you’ll receive an email (also shared in #freedomlibrary on Slack) with a fresh FreedomDownload.

This is your opportunity to slow down and reconnect with your freedom journey. Most downloads will be videos and added to the YouTube Playlist. If I travel, I might share an audio or email instead.


Recource Library

YouTube Playlist: Weekly Freedom Downloads
YouTube Playlist: Freedom Mindset Trainings (coming soon)
YouTube Playlist: Freedom Webinar Recordings
100+ Useful Freedom Resources: Document


Monthly Freedom Webinars

Webinars last 75 minutes, include a training, breakout rooms, networking and coaching opportunities.

Webinars will be recorded and added to this YouTube Playlist within 48 hours.

Webinars take place on the second Thursday of every month (note exceptions below)

June 26 @ 8am PST Inaugural Webinar: You ARE the Freedom You Seek.
July 24 @ 8am PST: Freedom and Forgiveness
August 21 @ 8am PST: Freedom and Success
September 18 @ 8am PST: Freedom and Purpose
October 16 @ 8am PST: Roadblocks to Freedom
November 13 @ 8am PST: Freedom and Authenticity
December 11 @ 8am PST: Freedom and Goal Setting*

*topics are subject to change, based on what community members share and inquire about in Slack.
**Find your Timezone at Please note the day-light-savings shift between October and November. 


Email me at [email protected]. Please note that I can’t answer any coaching questions via email. You are encouraged to share your resource requests and coaching questions inside the Slack group.


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