Welcome to Way of the Founder!

 This is where personal growth, spiritual curiosity, and

business leadership converge with an insatiable

desire for freedom. Way of the Founder is my story;

and it is your invitation to forge your own path

on your terms. You’re here for a reason,

so allow me to share a little more about myself.

Welcome to Way of the Founder

This is where personal growth, spiritual curiosity, and business leadership converge with an insatiable desire for freedom. Way of the Founder is my story; and it is your invitation to forge your own path on your terms. You’re here for a reason, so allow me to share a little more about myself.

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I’m Dina and the coaching offered by Way of the Founder is your compass for a purpose-driven and balanced life and business. The journey of growth and exploration is unique for each individual. I’m here to guide business vagabonds through transformative experiences.

You, too, are a business vagabond if your life and work take place independent of location; or if you want it to and are building a life supportive of that dream. You might be an online business owner, a digital nomad, or an expat. Perhaps, you are a remote employee or an entrepreneur. One way or another, you’re a leader with a vision grounded in self-fulfillment and freedom. 

Personally, I am a nomad, an expat, and an entrepreneur. But, like you, I wasn’t born any of these things.


My personal journey into coaching spans continents, industries, and personal transformations:

Growing up in Germany, I learned to walk, talk, and think on the musical theater stage. I embodied characters like Simba and Dirty Dancing’s Babe, each imparting profound life lessons.

For example, Simba has left an imprint on my understanding of the profound nature that confronting one’s past has (versus running away from it). Later on, Tabaluga, the German fairytale dragon, taught me the joy of generous giving. Tinker Bell showed me the powerful fusion of unconditional love and sass.


Professional Coach, Digital Nomad, Expat, Spirituality, Leadership

Beyond the stage, my expat journey took me from Leipzig to Syracuse, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, and back to Leipzig, my hometown in Germany. Throughout, success followed me, from being a dance captain in Los Angeles at 15 years old to delivering a university-wide best capstone on the future of orchestra management in college. Soon, I landed my DREAM-JOB in Los Angeles before even completing college.

I was certain I would have it all – the perfect car, job, and relationship; all in my dream city. Yet, the external perfection, so I sensed quite quickly, masked an internal dissatisfaction.


Can you relate to this inner lack of fulfillment while the outside is ostensibly perfect?

The tension between my inner yearning for “more” and the outer perfection eventually guided me to a pivotal moment. Having worked in orchestra fundraising for a while now, my boss offered me a long-term visa sponsorship, a promotion, and a raise. All in one breath. The result? I had a nervous breakdown…all I ever wanted was offered to me on a silver plate, and it felt SO WRONG. The next day, I did two things. I wrote my letter of resignation and I booked a one way ticket to Vietnam. There was NO plan. The forever-planner Dina was clueless what she’d do after her six weeks of backpacking through South East Asia.

On my flight to Germany, I decided it was time to let go of the hustle in LA and embark on my own entrepreneurial journey. My business plan was rock-solid: “I help people”.


Reflection and coaching helped me turn tension into opportunity.


A year of doing the oddest jobs, all of which progressively guided me towards training as a professional coach, finally resulted in the acknowledgement of a deeply authentic dream. It was a coach who helped me see it. A dream that I hadn’t dared to go after before.

I wanted to take my business on the road and embark on what I knew would be a transformative journey as a digital nomad. Another year in Germany passed. On February 28, 2022, I flipped my world upside down for a second time and left Germany again, now equipped with a remote coaching business, a new laptop, and two suitcases keeping me grounded.

By now, I had begun to desire to seek from the inside, not hide in the outside. This inner journey uncovered the depth I craved AS I TRAVELED. Before long, I gave generously, ousted the Inner Judge, and aligned my life with joy.

Through in-depth explorations of varying spiritual practices (see below), by journeying through Asia, North America, and Europe, and by tapping into a deep desire to lead a business from a place much deeper than the heart-mind connection, I re-connected with my True Self.

All of this drives my mission to embolden fellow business vagabonds to create inner peace and professional fulfillment so they can grow their business and forge a purposeful life independent of location.


My journey is at the core of 

Way of the Founder


Way of the Founder is the result of my Core Being and a vision for YOU to

find your way, lead your way, and found a path forward,

rooted in your innate wisdom, revolutionary leadership, and spirituality.

My wish for you is to Birth Your Way through connection to yourself, consciousnes, and your community.

 My Training

I’ve traveled with a backpack and hair shampoo in the form of a soap-bar through South East Asia and Sri Lanka.

More than once, I’ve moved across continents only to sell my newly acquired furniture to the next tenant over a bottle of wine.

Priests have invited me to sit with them in Hindu temples and I learned with the best teachers of non-dual Shaivia Tantra in Bali, London, and Portugal.

As a student and practitioner, I draw on the teachings of Modern Pranic Healing, A Course in Miracles, and Internal Family Systems.

My first career was in arts administration, artist management, and non-profit fundraising, and I graduated from Robert Holden’s supreme course in supporting leaders through his Success Intelligence Program.

I am training for a tantric meditation and somatic leadership coaching certification.

And yet, all these certifications, all these trainings pail against the power of re-connection I feel whenever life steps in as my ultimate teacher: Through writing, I’ve opened up to the blessings some of the deepest pains in life have brought me: losing my granny early on, overcoming the horrors of sexual assault, having to sue my own dad, and ultimately losing and then rekindling the connection to my mom. Through the dark night of the soul, I’ve found the Way of Love for the first time. True love, universal love, the love of God.

Over the years, I’ve developed an integrated spiritual and leadership practice that has helped hundreds of coaching clients over the years.


Way of the Founder is not just a coaching service; it’s a pathway to holistic success, where personal growth, spiritual exploration, and business leadership converge.


For those seeking a deeper connection to themselves and their unique life dreams, I offer a tailored approach that goes beyond the conventional paths of success. I help you find and celebrate your way…the Way of the Founder.

My coaching caters to a diverse clientele – freelance artists, orchestra musicians, yoga instructors, nonprofit founders, passionate travelers, and daring souls from Asia, Europe, South and North America. What unites them is a hunger for exploration, a passion for lasting impact, and a commitment to owning their lives.

Embark on a journey within, lead beyond, and discover a path that aligns with your true self. At Way of the Founder, I don’t just coach; I inspire and guide you to build a life that reflects your deepest desires.

Professional Coach for Digital Nomads