Are you nomading with your online business?

As a Digital Nomad Entrepreneur, or online business owner, you’re likely on a journey:

A Journey towards Freedom of Time, Location, Judgment, and Money.

While seeking freedom, life bombards you with should-dos, must-haves, and shiny objects promising to make you rich quick.

Without a clear definition of freedom and success, and without a clear roadmap in place, chances are, you’ve found yourself gone astray from YOUR PATH.

You’re yearning to grow your income beyond your imagination in a way that’s purpose-aligned, celebrating your values, realizing your mission.


5 Steps to Purpose-Aligned Business Goals and Actions:

Step 1: Connect to your Present situation through Gratitude

Step 2: Create Freedom through Commitment

Step 3: Create Space through Authenticity

Step 4: Reveal Purpose through your “Sacred Yes”

Step 5: (Re)-define your Success


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Professional Coach for Digital Nomads, Expats, Leaders

Hi, I’m Dina, creator of Way of the Founder.

As a professional coach, I help soul-driven business vagabonds create freedom of judgment, time, location, and money through purpose-aligned innovation.

This guide will help you create goals for your online business that will not only increase your revenue but deepen your sense of purpose.

5 steps to purpose-aligned business goals and actionss:


Step 1: Connect to Present situation through Gratitude

Step 2: Create Freedom through Commitment

Step 3: Create Space through Authenticity

Step 4: Reveal Purpose through “Sacred Yes”

Step 5: (Re)-define your Success

What 0thers say:

“Working with Dina has amplified my coaching practice, my work as a performing musician, and my personal life. We dove deep into the inner work and healing, a truly humbling and vulnerable experience. Because I was willing to look inward, not only was I able to substantially increase the income from my coaching practice, but I have begun to look at setbacks and failures in a completely different way.

Many of the opportunities I created this year to grow my business were things I would have never considered or dared to do prior to my work with Dina. She boldly but gently leads you out of your comfort zone so that you can manifest your vision for a thriving community and an artful life.”

Kristin Nakagawa

“Dina-Marie’s work creates a platform that expands the universe of artistic possibilities. It is a lighthouse for those rising artists and leaders that really want to make an impact on their communities and the world.”

Samuel Vargas

“Working with Dina-Marie was one of the best investments I’ve made in my entire career. Dina-Marie stepped into my career with a broder mindset and approach around communicating my impact as an artist, an unbreakable belief in the entrepreneur inside of me, and her experience in what it’s like to create a career of genuine impact.”

Andres Martin

“Dina-Marie’s coaching has filled in the gaps that were left by my traditional conservatory training and taught me the skills needed to succeed as an entrepreneurial civic-artist.”

Chaz Salazar

“Dina-Marie … compels you to succeed, as she is acutely aware the work it takes to found an organization is not easy … With Dina’s support, I was able to identify new methods of growing; both with the Polaris Orchestra, as well as my leadership skills. It is not always that you find the holistic package, but Dina-Marie brings that to the table and more!”

Jaman Dunn