My Favorite Tools for Traveling Entrepreneurs

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My Favorite Tools for:

Digital Nomads, Expats, Travelers, Vagabonds

Surfshark VPN

This VPN is my trusted cyber gatekeeper and -opener. It helps me keep my business and date secure and lets me watch my fav shows on the road. Surfshark is lightening-fast and unbelievably cost -effective. If you like to travel-hack, Surfshark offers one of the most comprehensive list of locations.

Glo Online Yoga

My treasured friend on the road. I love a good yoga session in the morning. Glo allows me to select from a library of dozens of teachers and styles, and lets me curate my very own library, making for the perfect mix of consistency, variety, and customization.

Passport Card Expat Health Insurance

Being German, I was looking for the MOST comprehensive insurance, and found it: Passport Card comes with a credit card (goodbye, reimbursements) and covers anything from checkups over holistic medicine, to emergencies. I’ve had acupuncture, prescription sunglasses, Chinese herbs, annual check-ups, contraception, and emergencies covered within seconds, and around the world! I could go on…I love them! 

Safetywing Travel Health Insurance

Be it for your remote team, a brief journey, or full-time nomad insurance, Safetywing has got you. My boyfriend has used them for years and is ever-again satisfied with their customer service and reliable coverage of all health-related emergencies and necessities, lost luggage, and travel cancelations.

Lunette Menstruation Cup

Ladies: Have you noticed that many countries don’t sell (proper) tampons!? Enter Lunette: witty, sustainable & supportive. Their cups come in different sizes & colors; their cleaner is PH neutral & travel-sized, their durability about one year. Plus, their packaging is hilarious and takes up hardly any space in my suitcase…or, frankly, our planet’s oceans.

Fast Like a Girl, by Dr. Mindy Pelz

This is the ONLY hard-copy book I travel with! Tailored to the hormonal body of a cycling (or previously~) woman, Pelz provides science-backed strategies, fasting protocols, and recipes for every part of the cycle, based on your hormonal needs. It’s one of the most empowering books I’ve read.

American Express CC

I adore how Amex points multiply my money’s value thanks to their generous point and reward programs! Their customer service is the best I know among CC companies, and they offer great travel and luggage protection. If you want your spending go far and be safe, this is your card. I have the Gold, but will upgrade to the Blue one soon as its tailored to travelers. 

My Favorite Tools for:

Online Business Tech Needs

Online Presence & Customer Journey


This is my go-to website host. Hostinger offers starting rates and the ability to scale your business, traffic, and security seamlessly. It one-click-integrates with WordPress, offers a drag-and-drop builder, 24/7 support, daily backups, and a free professional email address. Their annual fees are up to 70% off. 

Divi Theme

I love Divi! It’s an all-around drag-and drop builder that plugs into your wordpress website and makes magic happen, like this very website. Divi YouTube tutorials are some of the best and most comprehensive, providing you with exact how-tos on just about any feature. It’s elegant, offers great service, and is highly customizable.


Canva is an amazing tool for creating digital products, banners, guides, Reels, and social media posts. They have a free version and templates for you to use. I’m certainly not a design expert, so Canva’s templates provide me with the ability to create professional-looking designs across the board.


True audience growth takes place via your email list – a list that you own. Like Hostinger, ConvertKit wants to help you get off the ground…and then blow up. Segmentation, automations, landing pages, ecommerce, it’s a one-stop shop. After trying at least 5 alternartives, ConvertKit is the winner for me.

Business Organization and Planning


Asana is my favorite project management tools. Their interface and functionality helps me keep my big picutre planning organized and visually presented. The kanban+timeline integration and ability to add multiple subtasks allow me to plan my entire year out by projects, milestones, and timelines. Doing this results in a weekly and even daily todo list being auto-generated.


Whilst this is technically a project management tool, I recommend Trello as a free tool to plan your content and organize your sponsors or clients. Planning out captions and graphics on Trello provides me with a visual overview and easy-to-follow workflow. Email me if you’d like my content plan template. 

Timezone Wizard

My best friend! I painfully remember the first time I was trying to plan meetings for my stay in Asia with clients based in California. I’m certain the headache didn’t come from the half-a-bottle of wine I had while planning. Fast forward, timezone wizard is my trusted friend and a free and reliable tool to plan your meetings around timezone shifts and even daylight savings mania.

Digital/Physical Health on the road

Magic Trackpad

Get these three items for your spine, your neck, your wrist. You don’t want to hurt your body simply because you’ can’t travel with a standing desk. Now, you could get the Magic Mouse but I’ve found the trackpad to be easier on my wrist and better for swipe shortcuts. Its precision is impeccable.

Magic Keyboard

Get it with the pad, or get the combo version, doesn’t matter. Having the external keyboard allows me to maintain a more ergonomic posture, regardless of where I am. Sometimes, the keyboard even allows me to frankenstein a standing desk. It’s a must have for me.

Foldable Laptopstand

Not the final, but the third Musketeer of maintaining physical health as a digital nomad. My neck thanks me multiple times a day for this purchase. This one is foldable, light, and adjustable…practically made for a nomad.

My Favorite Tools for:

Entrepreneur and Leadership Mindset:

Success and Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship

Higher Purpose 

By Robert Holden

What is your purpose? Holden suggestions, purpose is a revelation that we recognize if we learn to attune to ourselves. Rooted in different religions, Eastern spirituality, and Western psychology, he offers a path back to yourself. 

The Vision-Driven Leader

By Michael Hyatt

It’s easy to dream big, or is it? Hyatt outlines 10 potent questions to help you align today’s strategy and communication to tomorrow’s vision.

Authentic Success

By Robert Holden

With wit, wisdom, and compassion, Holden illuminates a path towards a life and life’s work dictated by a definition of success that is rooted in love, instead of fear. It’s a must-read for any leader, founder, and human. 

Never Split the Difference 

By Chris Voss

Do you know how to get what you want? How do create a win-win situation? Are you confident negotiating brand deals, car sales, and a higher affiliate rate in a way that fosters a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship? Let this book teach you how.

Balancing Acts 

By Daniel Lamarre

Lamarre’s humble tone compels you to become a better leader, negotiator, and a communicator who can evoke unparalleled emotion and ambition. Learn from his experience how to intentionally create community amongst your team and customers and continue to lead from an inspired place. 

books for online entrepreneurs and business owners

Money Mindset and Management

Overcoming Underearning 

By Barbara Stanny

Ever suspected that you might be sabotaging your income potential? Stanny lays out a 5 step plan to help business owners break through income ceilings, by helping you recognize and transform your unconscious patterns around money. The perfect read pre-launch. DO THE EXERCISES. 

Chil and Prosper

By Denise Duffiled-Thomas 

You could hustle your way to business growth, or you could create the mindset shifts required to establish business foundations that allow you to work smarter, not harder. If your endgame is to power up both your income AND your impact, this is your permission-giving book.  

I will Teach You to be Rich 

By Ramit Sethi

This was a life changer (saver?) for me. How do you manage your money, make it grow, and establish budgets that work without restricting you? Ramit masterfully outlines the steps to eliminate debt, create savings, set up your investments properly, and create a spending plan that reflects your values in life.

My Favorite Tools for

Guidance, Healing, Spirituality

The Way of Integrity 

By Martha Beck

Ready to lead from your truth? Beck forges a path towards authenticity by helping you recognize your innermost truth. Liking the quest for integrity to Dante’s Divine Comedy, the reader learns to recognize when they are out of integrity and how to realign with it. 

Discovering The Inner Mother

By Bethany Webster

If you’re healing your mother-daughter relationship, reading but one page is a big win. Webster explores the personal, cultural, and global implications of intergenerational trauma created by patriarchy and how we can break this destructive cycle. It’s hauntingly accurate and liberating at the same time. 

Life Loves You 

By Louise Hay and Robert Holden

Grounded in the belief that the Universe is a friendly one, Hay and Holden share their conversations around the innate lovability of every soul. They provide 7 spiritual practices to grow more connected with one self.  

Soul and Destiny 

By Alan Cohen

The big questions of life: Does your life have a plan and a purpose? Is your destiny fixed, or can you choose how your journey turns out? … Drawing on eastern and western religions and thought-leaders, Cohen proposes a fascinating way of understanding the world, encouraging the reader to draw their own conclusions. 

Digital Nomads Resources

Happiness Becomes You 

By Tina Turner

A life of rejection, pain, oppression…and one of forgiveness, healing, perseverance, and faith. Through finding refuge and healing in Buddhism, Turner shares how she found a way to turn what was a heart-wrenching story into one of empowerment. It’s the first book I read, years ago, that showed me the healing power of true, authentic spirituality. Like anything produced about Tina’s life, this one provokes the big feels. 

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