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If you’ve landed here, you’re either starting on the digital nomad lifestyle, or you are looking for tips and tricks to ease the never-ending journey. Welcome to my hub – a place where I share from first-hand experience of the digital nomad lifestyle:

Best flight and packing practices, how to maintain hobbies and friendships on the road, or simply how to choose the next destination based on your current needs and dreams. 

I share roundups of peaceful destinations suited for digital nomads and provide honest opinions if places like Ubud are still worth it.

While I’ve been an expat for nearly 10 years and a nomad at heart forever, I’ve been traveling as a digital nomad for just about 3 years now. Years in which I’ve lost credit cards (and improved my systems), overspent in business and personal foreign transaction fees, gone off in the wrong direction, traveled solo, and learned to build a romantic relationship as one-half of a digital nomad (entrepreneur) couple. Boy, it’s been a ride – a good one, an educational one, a revelatory one. 

During that time, I’ve also grown my online business to 6 figures, pivoted more than once, launched this blog, lost tens of thousands of dollars in contracts, made it all back, and more. All the while, I’ve grown routines to keep fit and healthy, stay connected to my spiritual practices, and keep the romance going in my relationship

I for sure don’t know it all, but I’m here to tell the tales I do have and support you in navigating this incredible adventure of taking both life and business on a journey. 

If you’re looking for something you can’t find, see if the search bar below can yield results. If that still leaves you guessing, email me and I’ll write an article just for you!

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