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How do you create freedom through entrepreneurship? Remote, entrepreneurial income is certainly part of the answer. But that’s not all. Magic occurs when you marry strategy and mindset:

What does freedom mean to you?

How do you make business decisions that lead to a freedom-based business and life?

If you’re looking to grow your freedom-based online business in a way that’s purposeful and holistic, you can find here a curation of proven strategies and business models: 

Which platform do you use to grow your audience, how can you bill clients internationally, should you focus on Social Media or Pinterest for traffic, how can you stay productive, and which books to spend your time reading? And how do you keep your business finances organized?

And most of all: Which TYPE of business is best suited for you? How can you start making money online? What is the most aligned way for YOU to grow and scale your online business?

I’m sharing my experience of 7+ years of working in the online business space: 

What started as a side hustle as a remote social media manager in Los Angeles has led to running independent orchestras in Germany, producing conferences and professional workshops in the USA, Austria, and France, supporting two professional coaches in growing and scaling their online coaching business in income and impact, and, well…to Way of the Founder. 

I’ve run my own online business for over 4 years. I started by coaching musician-entrepreneurs towards freedom and success. Over time, I branched out to work with entrepreneurs of all industries, having recognized the power of coaching as being something that transcends industries. Finally, I found my true calling in Way of the Founder. The place through which I now have the honor of serving you. I hope the below articles spark new ideas, offer clarity and direction, and provoke some rather uncomfortable insights. Happy growing!

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