Spiritual Teachers and Teachings to Guide your Purpose-Aligned Journey

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Spiritual teachers and teachings can play a profound part in creating an authentic life filled with joy and purpose. In fact, having spiritual teachers in my life has helped me move through personal and business hardships. It helped me to cultivate a profound connection to the world around me, embracing forgiveness, letting go of past traumas, and tapping into my intuition for guidance and support.

For me, studying and learning to embody spirituality has become a primary form of asking for help. It’s important to me to share with you some of the spiritual teachers and teachings I have come to seek wisdom and guidance from and help you see how to apply and embody these teachings. Think of it as applied spirituality. 🙂

While spirituality was by no means part of my upbringing, I’ve come to realize its profound impact on every aspect of life, including business strategy, daily actions, and relationships. Surrendering to spirit is an active process, allowing us to lead from intuition and reconnect with our innate sense of love and worthiness.

In the pursuit of aligning strategic growth actions with inner knowing, spirituality and strategy intertwine in a harmonious dance. Spiritual teachers, whether through individual coaching, masterminds, books, or podcasts, offer diverse avenues for exploration and growth. However, the ultimate teacher lies within ourselves, accessed through intuition and inner guidance. Personally, I believe that a true spiritual teacher will guide you toward that inner place of intuition.

There are plenty and diverse spiritual teachers and teachings I’ve drawn on over the years. I believe you, too, can find great insights in each of them.

My personal spiritual mentor: Robert Holden – Purpose

He’s your man if you’re feeling unlovable or off-purpose. For a several years now, he’s been my guide toward love and purpose. Robert fascinates me with his down-to-earth approach to life and what it offers. Robert Holden’s teachings on purpose, success, and love transcend cultural boundaries, blending insights from Eastern spirituality with principles of Western psychology. His approach emphasizes the importance of aligning our actions with our true purpose, leading to a more fulfilling life.

By embracing joy as a central tenet of purpose, Holden encourages his community to redefine success in terms of inner fulfillment rather than external achievements. His work has not only reshaped my own understanding of success but has also inspired countless others to pursue their dreams with authenticity and joy.

Start Here:

Read his books, Lovability and Higher Purpose. If you feel so called, subscribe to his newsletter to learn about online and in-person events he holds. 

spiritual teachers
At one of Robert’s Purpose Workshops in London

Travel and Conversations – Reflection

Roaming around this beautiful planet seems to be the perfect metaphor for soul travel, isn’t it? With every new destination, you get to set a new intention: ‘Why are you here?’

Not all digital nomads or expats have a desire for spiritual exploration, however, many do find themselves straying upon that path. As we explore new destinations and immerse ourselves in different cultures, we are prompted to question our own beliefs and values, leading to deeper introspection. I’ve found that many cultures have a genuine and profound way of embodying their faith through daily actions and conversations. Asking myself: Why am I here?, related to the travel destination I’m in has provided me with a profound way of asking the same of life and this body.  

Start Here:

Depends on where you are. But usually, I try and get as much wisdom from an elderly local as possible: ‘How do you live out the values of [FAITH]?’, ‘How has it been most helpful in your life?’, ‘What are the main pillars [FAITH] teaches?’, ‘How can I experience more of your [faith]?’

Louise Hay – Forgiveness

Robert tells this story: While co-authoring ‘Life Loves You’ with Louise Hay, he asked Louise, what made her Louise Hay. And she replied: ‘forgiveness’. 

Louise Hay is no longer in her body and didn’t become famous for her work on forgiveness and body-mind-integrated work until her 50s, following a cancer diagnosis. Story goes that at a point when her mental lack of forgiveness had manifested as a physical decease, she leaned, head first, into forgiveness. After overcoming cancer practically with the sheer power of her mind (and heart), Hay went on to create forgiveness workshops for gay men who had contracted HIV, started writing books, and established a publishing house. Much of her work is anchored on the belief that our mindset manifests in our physical body, empowering her readers to heal themselves. Most impressively, she carried her knowledge about forgiveness into the world with an extensive library of free meditations, affirmations, and other resources.

Hay has helped me understand my body better, and recognize the intimate relationship my spirit, mind, and body have. It’s helped me become a much more loving and nurturing person. Her book, “Heal Your Body” is a healing lexicon for many. Her work serves as a powerful reminder that forgiveness is not only a gift we give to others but also a gift we give to ourselves, allowing us to move forward with grace and peace.

Start Here:

You could listen to her 11 hours sleep meditation on YouTube while sleeping. I also highly recommend reading some of her books – any are great! Lastly, certainly sign up to her newsletter and that of the Hay House; it will expand your spiritual library.

Gay Hendricks – Upper Limits

A few might not add him to the list of contemporary spiritual teachers, but to the list of holistic business coaches. I’d say, he knowledgeably and powerfully integrates both words. Hendricks’ spiritual teachings could only be described as ‘Applied Spirituality’. His books and podcasts are amazing resources for when you find yourself stuck in business. Most online business owners will know his book “The Big Leap”: His insights into the “Upper limit problem” shed light on the subconscious patterns that keep us stuck in self-sabotage and mediocrity.

Beyond his business wisdom, his spiritual teachings on love and relationships offer valuable lessons for cultivating deeper connections and intimacy. Through practices such as conscious communication and emotional mastery, Hendricks guides individuals toward holistic growth and fulfillment. One thing that fascinates me the most about his body of work is the direct applicability of it. Wouldn’t it be nice to have Robert Holden and Gay Hendricks in the same room? 

Start Here:

If you’re currently in a phase of business growth, I’d recommend you read his book, The Big Leap and assess yourself and your own beliefs against the ‘Upper limit problem’. If you’re working on creating a stronger relationship with yourself or significant other, read ‘Learning to love yourself’. 

Kashmir Shaivism and Classical Tantra – Connection through Nonduality

Classical Tantra, unlike Neoclassical Western Tantra, refers to a spiritual movement that originated in the Indian subcontinent between the 3rd and 12th centuries. There are dualistic and nondualistic branches of the faith. Personally, I’ve found profound nondualistic practices that have rocked my world. Shaivism offers a non-renunciatory path of liberation, aka enlightenment, through a return to the inner knowing that we all are different expressions of one and the same consciousness. You could fill in love for consciousness, or life-force, the universe. These ancient teachings emphasize the interconnectedness of all things and the illusion of separateness.

Many spiritual teachers that aren’t tantrikas (students of the teachings) offer similar paths: Robert Holden speaks of non-duality, and so do Pranic Healers. Any religion or faith can be looked at through a tantric, nonrealistic lens. You could think of your inner Buddha Nature or summon Kali-Ma Energy: God dwells within you, as you. The Universe dwells within you, as you. Life is you and you are life.

Anyway, merely a humble student myself, I’m in no position to teach about Shaivism. However, I can offer that studying this practice could put you on a profound path to healing the wound of separation.

Start Here:

If you’re in Bali, attending a few classes or workshops on the topic at Alchemy Yoga and Meditation Center is a must, as the center is deeply rooted within Kashmir Shaivism. Outside of Bali, the audiobook to “Tantra Illuminated” is a dense but deeply insightful book offering an introduction into the belief system. 

Deities and Prayer: Saraswati and Ganesha

Remember when I said that I was raised an atheist? Well, these days I’m often found inside a temple, in deep prayer or meditation. One of the best presents my boyfriend recently gave me was this gorgeous statue of Saraswati Ma, Goddess of creative and intellectual pursuits.

spiritual teachers and teachings

The deities I pray to or meditate on don’t belong to just one religion, culture, or faith. Rather, I think of deities as being teachers that come to me exactly at the right time. And I think of them as being a part of myself. Working with deities helps me tune into certain parts of myself and bring that part into the world through Way of the Founder. For example, when I experienced great trauma around my inner mother wound; a time when I worked a lot with Mother Mary. As I’m bringing Way of the Founder into the world, Lord Ganesha is my guardian.

The lesson I’d like to offer here is that the work available inside of you reveals itself through different avenues: it could be a client that triggers you, a book that resonates with you, a sudden loss, or, in fact, a deity. My invitation is to be open, and attuned to what resonates with you, be it a God, a teacher, or a trigger.

Start here:

I hold a strong belief that part of the spiritual path is actual scriptural study. It could be a secondary source such as “Higher Purpose” which references many primary sources. Or an original, such as an excerpt from the trantrik texts, the Bhagavad Gita, or the Bible. My invitation is to open yourself up to receiving spiritual knowledge, the kind that’s been passed down for centuries.

(On a separate note: I don’t tend to trust ‘spiritual folk’ that’s not well-read on the subject manner. Maybe the reason Saraswati speaks so clearly and loudly to me. I share my insights on the difference between authentic spirituality and Woo-Woo here.) 

The Hero’s Journey – Transformation

In Joseph Campbell’s renowned work, “The Hero with a Thousand Faces,” he elucidates the journey that every hero, whether mythical, literary, or contemporary, seems to embark upon. While we often reference classic tales like the “Odyssey” or “Harry Potter” as examples of heroism, Campbell proposes that the hero’s journey primarily represents an internal odyssey experienced multiple times throughout our lives.

Imagine this: Have you ever felt the foundations of your truth shift unexpectedly? Have you endured months, or even an entire year, of profound transformative upheaval? It’s a phase where change feels inevitable, yet you cling desperately to your old reality. That, my dear reader, encapsulates the essence of the hero’s journey—an adventure, as Campbell eloquently puts it. Every hero traverses similar stages: The Refusal of the Call, the Road of Trials, and the Hero’s Return.

What captivates me most about the hero’s journey is its capacity to dismantle my very being. Clients navigating their Road of Trials often inquire, ‘When will I catch a break?’ Yet, there exists a third and final phase: the integration of hard-earned wisdom into your life. Being able to use and reference the wisdom of Campbell on my own journey and that of clients provides vocabulary, reassurance, and a guide to learn how to receive the blessings of life…even in the hardest of times.

Start Here:

This video is a wonderful introduction into the topic. And of course, “Hero with a Thousand Faces” is the direct source. 

Concluding Words

In conclusion, the journey of spirituality and purpose alignment is a deeply personal and transformative one, enriched by the wisdom of spiritual teachers and the experiences of travel and introspection. Through the guidance of individuals like Robert Holden, Louise Hay, and Gay Hendricks, we uncover profound truths about ourselves and our place in the world. While travel may serve as a catalyst for self-reflection, spiritual teachers who have walked the path before us and scriptural study can supply a greater depth of knowledge and experience. I hope this overview can propel you forward…closer to yourself.

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